Unknown bayonets and tentative designations.

In this section unknown bayonets, or bayonets with a tentative designation, will be presented.
Bayonets are identified by e.g. a marking combined with refence in litterature or by a picture from a museum, not nessecarily correct..
Any information is greatly appreciated, and will probably be published with the bayonet.

Unknown ca 1750 Swedish socket bayonet
updated 2016-04-16
Unknown ca 1815 Swedish (?) socket bayonet
updated 2000-02-29
Bayonet issued to "Westgöta Cavalleriregemente"/Tentative
updated 2016-11-22
Bayonet altered for "Skeppsgossekåren"/Tentative
updated 2016-11-22
m/1747 alteration with locking ring
updated 2016-11-22