Bayonet m/1747 altered with a m/1840 style socket

© Per Holmbäck
Last updated 2023-04-25

Tl Bl Sl Sd Factory Quantity
680 mm 560 mm 67 mm 24,5 mm unknown unknown
550 mm 430 mm 67 mm 24,5 mm unknown unknown


This is quite odd alteration. An ordinary m/1747 bayonet with a modified (or replaced) m/1840 style socket.
I have two of these, serial numbers on the arm is 114 and 124 (same font).
The one numbered 114 has a nice brown finish and is of original length. The locking ring has probably never been mounted.
The one numbered 124 is badly pitted and is shortened to 550 mm. The locking ring is mounted.

I have no desgnation fo this alteration, but there is one picture from the Naval Museum with a similar bayonet.
The musket is an altered m/1747, but still flintlock.
I don't really think they match, but I am pretty convinced it is a Naval alteration though.