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Last updated 2012-05-31.

A big international bayonet collection to be sold on conseignment.

Prices reduced on most items.

All items are with scabbard if nothing else is stated. Condition is 'Good' ('G') if nothing else is stated.

Now to the boring fine print

All prices in Euro

Shipping  is not included in the price.
Shipping within Europe for 1 Kg is 25 euro (always registered)
Shipping out of  Europe for 2 Kg is 36 euro (always registered)
Please ask for a quote

If you pay with a check in foreign currency, an extra fee of 20 Euro has to be added. I would prefer a check in SEK as there is no extras.

PayPal is fine but there is an extra fee of 4%.

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One Euro is roughly about 9,00 SEK.
You may return the bayonet for a full refund (minus shipping) within 10 days if you don't like it.

Please mail me if you have any questions or want pictures !

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Germany and German states
England and the Commonwealth
Japan and the far east
Other Countries
Other bladed things



Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S101a m/1775 Socket bayonet m/1775. The butterfly bolt   is missing. Blade and socket in VG++ condition
Picture  Picture  Picture
VG++ 160
S12 m/1840 Markings: I5R, On the arm: BvH   wHL MOF. On blade  925 PAG.
Picture  Picture
VG 55
S154 m/1840 Socket bayonet m/1840. 
Unit marking "9R 2K No 362".
Makers mark: ANM.
G 55
S176 m/1840 Socket bayonet m/1840. 
Unit marking "2K No 55".
Makers mark: LPG.
VG 65
S166 fm/1881 Socket bayonet, no scabbard.
Socket bayonet for the Jarmann rifles fm/1881 two and three band (fm/1883).
Some wear to the blueing on the socket.

Picture  Picture  
VG 220
S133 trial model 1910 short Experimental bayonet  based on the bayonet m/1896 type.
Only 25 pieces of  this model were manufactured in 1910.
Steel hilt with knurled surface. The back of the hilt has an eye loop that can take a troddle (portepe).
This piece is in extremly nice condition, and one of few that has not been blued.
This bayonet has never been used in the test as it is in mint condition. An extremely rare bayonet especially in this condition. 
No scabbard
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
MINT  2700
S160 fm/G3
Group 'S'
Knife bayonet with scabbard.
For the G3 based early AK4 version.
Wood grained plastic scabbard with short loop.
Very scarce bayonet !

Picture  Picture  
EXC 310
S144 AK4 early trial This bayonet was used in the test to develop the Swedish AK 4 assault rifle.
It is a modified German G 3 bayonet, that was adapted to fit the test rifle.
This piece originats from the  Swedish Military Government experimental department.
No markings. Scabbard of US type.
Picture  Picture 
VG++ 200
S98 Dress dagger Hilt with a lion head and bone grips. Clamshell marked with HL  15  11 1944, for November
15 1944. Blued steel scabbard.  HL is most likely the initials of the owner. Left ricasso marked F.M. Mattsson  Mora. Overall in excellent condition.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
EXC 150
S112 Dress dagger Hilt with lion head and bone grips. Blade stamped on one side FMM on the other side
F.M. Mattsson AB  Mora Sweden. Steel scabbard.
Leather frog VG
Picture  Picture  
VG+ 150


Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price Euro 


Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S94 M1854 Socket bayonet with the famous Kyhl´s spring locking mechanism.
This was used with a Suhl rifle. The upper side of the socket is marked: with the year and number 1855 -418948. There are also some vague marking that could be "SH IV  1C D 211" a Schlesvig-Holstein unit.
 The mechanism is working fine.
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
G 105
S109 M1947 Madsen bayonet with scabbard
Picture  Picture  
MINT 160


Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S107 M66 Finnish rubber training bayonet. VG 50

Germany and German states

Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S170 M1854
Socket bayonet without scabbard.

Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 180
S73 Hf M/71 Sword bayonet with scabbard.

On the crossguard crossed over 0 and "IMD 1638".
The left ricasso "Gebr. Simson Suhl".
The right ricasso crowned Erfurt.
The back of the blade: crowned W and 81.
The upper steel mount of the scabbard "crossed over" 0 and  "IMD 359".

There are grinding marks on the blade.

Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
G+ 1800
S76 SG71
For the Prussian Mauser m/1871.
Crossguard marked 49 R.R. 6.88. Left ricasso marked Gebr. Weyersberg Solingen.
The back of the blade is marked crowned W and 74. Keiser Wilhelm and manufatured in 1874.
Scabbard in excellent condition.
Bayonet and troddle in VG ++, frog in good condition
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 450
S72 SG71 For the Mauser rifle m/1871.
This bayonet was made for the NCO (non commissioned officers).
The cross guard is marked RE17.225
The ricasso is marked Alex Coppel Solingen. The other ricasso is marked Erfurt with a crown. The back of the blade has a crowned W and 79.(Kaiser Wilhelm 1879)
The brass mounted black leather scabbard is marked R.R.R. 49.319 and below a crossed old
designation 64 R.R. 13.76.
Bayonet and scabbard in excellent condition 
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
EXC 1250
S145 SG71 dress Dress bayonet of the m/1871 type bayonet. 
Brass hilt with leafspring in steel. No press button.
Blade is nicely etched with motiv and crowned single headed eagle.
Left ricasso with a "scale" indicating  Alex Coppel manufacture.
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG-EXC 220
S14 Experimental model
Serial number 73. No scabbard. Extremely rare.
Some rust stains on blade
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 3000
S39 M1810 Hirschfänger bayonet with brass hilt. The blade has been polished. Locking spring is missing.
Hilt marked: K2:12     13:587    D107  Kassel arsenal. No scabbard
Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG++ 710
S5 SG84-98 Knife bayonet with scabbard.
Stamped on wood grip with "102". "1935" on the guard.
Picture  Picture  
G 65
S141 SG88/98 Ersatz Ersatz bayonet of the m/1898/05 bayonet type. All steel hilt. Sawbacked blade and steel scab.
Picture  Picture  
VG+ 380
S17 KS98 Hilt has engraving and an L on the grip, made of brass.
Some stains on the blade on both sides.
Hilt and scabbard close to excellent
Picture  Picture  
VG 600
S113 KS98 Hilt covered with black backelite fixed by two rivets. Blade stamped with Kings head and
Knights helmet (Weyersberg Kirschbaum and Co). Black steel scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG++ 110
S18 SG98, Dress model Similar to long German m/1898 bayonet. No slot or press stud. Leather scabbard
Picture  Picture  
EXC 450
S19 SG71-84,Dress model Reminds of German m/1871/84. Beautifully  etched blade. Leather scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
EXC 435
S20 SG84-98 sawback With saw back. Manufactured at at Gebr. Heller, Marienthal. Erfurt.
A few scratches on the scabbard otherwise close to excellent.
Picture  Picture  
VG 600
S22 Police This is the short police bayonet used in the 1933-45 period. Bayonet, scabbard and troddle
are in condition excellent to mint. Frog in VG cond.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
EXC 690
S91 Fire department The bayonet was used by the fire department.
The sawbacked blade is marked with Eichorn Solingen and the squirrel.
The hilt is VG++. The blade, scabbard, frog and troddle are in excellent to mint condition.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ - EXC 475
S117 Dress bayonet Hitlt with black backelite grip plates with two rivets. It is not adopted for fitting on a rifle. Double
edged blade with a blood groove in the middle of the blade. Black steel scabbard. Leather
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 135
S50 Ersatz Ersatz all steel bayonet with pressed hilt and upswept quillon. Steel scabbard.
Picture  Picture  
G 130
S78 Trench knife/bayonet Made for the German rifle m/1884/98 during the first world war.
The hilt is made of pressed steel. The cleaning rod from the rifle can pass the hilt and the cross guard.
Hilt is painted with original olive green paint. The bayonet /trench knife was manufactured at Demag in
Duisburg and so marked on the left ricasso. The right ricasso is marked Gesetzlich Geschützt (protected by law) to avoid copying.
The black steel scabbard has an carrying strap made of old type of webbing. A few nicks in the blade. A very rare bayonet.
Picture  Picture  
VG- 315


Item# Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S59 M1842/59 The brass hilt has the internal coil spring instead of the leaf spring as on the 1842 model.
The bayonet is manufactured at arms factory in Chattellerault 1861 and also marked JB.
No scabbard !!
Picture  Picture  
VG 170
S153 M1854
De Cent Gardes
French sword bayonet used by the elite guard unit of emperor Louis Napoleon. His elite guard was from the start 100 guards. The bayonet was intended to be both a bayonet, a sword and a lance.
The blade has been shortened as on most of the bayonets. This due to that they were too long for indoor use and ripped the cieling indoors. The total length of the bayonet is 1015 mm and the blade is 860 mm.
A serial number  1 is stamped in the back of the brass on the pommel and in the back of the hilt is also the serial number  1  stamped.
The blade is slightly pitted all over and it seems that someone perhaps has been trying to improove the engraving        
of the text in the back of the blade. It says "Manufacture Imperiale de Chatellerault Auot 1854".
Everyting is intact and nothing damaged. No scabbard.
An extremely rare bayonet.
The whole bayonet is very light and has a percect balance, which prooves for its authentity.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
G+ 2800
S75 M1866
Chassepot Scholaire
Chassepot cadet bayonet. Brass hilt with steel crossguard.
Blade in poor condition.
No scabbard
Picture  Picture  
G- 125
S156 M1874
Gras Scholaire
Gras cadet bayonet with scabbard.
Serial number 114 on the guard
Blade is pitted, scabbard is very fine.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
G 175
S58 M1874 Gras
For the Gras rifle.
This bayonet was used by the navy. Bayonet and scabbard are stamped with an anchor. 
Bayonet made at S:t Etienne 1877.
Black leather frog
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 210
S4 M1886 Lebel Steel hilt. (Not aluminium or brass). No scabbard
Painted black.
Picture  Picture  
VG 55
S56 M1892 For the Mannlicher-Berthier rifle.
Late model, wood grips.
Leather frog
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 140
S87 Hunting bayonet Bayonet for the double barreled rifle based on a m/1822 blade.
The spring is missing. An unusual bayonet.
Picture  Picture  
VG 150

England and the Commonwealth

Item# Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S60 P1801 Baker Bayonet for the Baker rifle.
Brass hilt with intact locking mechanism. Blade marked with 19 and a crown above.
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 450
S143 P1859 Bayonet for the navy rifle m/1858. The hilt is covered with black chequred leather grips fixed
by rivets. It has a large steel basket guard. The right ricasso has a vague stamp that could be
CKC or similar. No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 600
S32 P1876 Socket bayonet. For the Martini-Henry rifle.
Blade marked:With War Dept. Stamp and 11/83. 
Brass mounted leather scabbard also marked with  WD.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 150

Japan and the far east

Item# Country Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S25 Japan Type 30 Variant Made at the end of the second world war.  Produced at the Toyada factory under Nagoya.
Frog of wartime production.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 185
S26 Japan Type 30 Variant Made at the end of the second world war.  Produced at the Jinsen factory.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 185
S27 Japan Type 30 Variant Made at the end of the second world war.  Produced at the Matsushita factory. Leather frog.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 215
S28 Japan Type 30 Variant Made at the end of the second world war.  Produced at the Matsushita factory.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 185
S29 Japan Type 30 Variant Made at the end of the second world war.  Produced at the Nagoya factory.
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 185
S102 Japan Type 30 Type 30 Arisaka bayonet. Heavily blued all over. Steel scabbard
Picture  Picture  
VG++ 155
S106 Japan Type 30 MINT Type 30 Arisaka bayonet.
Blade stamped with the Tokyo-Kokura arsenal stamp.
Scabbard also in mint condition. Leather frog in excellent condition
Picture  Picture  Picture  
MINT 390
S83 Japan Type 44 For the Japanese cavalry carbine Type 44. Folding bayonet. A rather unique type of bayonet.
VG condition all over
Picture  Picture  
VG 315
S171 Indonesia Garand Locally produced bayonet for the Garand rifle used in Indonesia.
Marking on the left ricasso: looks like a flower encircled by a cog wheel and on the right ricasso stamped with SP1

Picture  Picture  Picture  
G+ 160


Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S11 M44 For the carbine. Folding bayonet. Normally fixed to rifle.
Picture  Picture 
EXC 25

Other Countries

Item # Country Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S6 Austria Mannlicher m/1895 For NCO. Bayonet and scabbard originally cromed.
Scabbard has rust stains on both sides.
Bayonet is close to excellent
Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 55
S121 Austria m/1895 NCO Bayonet for the Austrian-Hungarian Mannlicher rifle.
This bayonet is made for an NCO.
No markings on the blade.
Hilt with wooden grips fixed by rivets. Muzzle ring diameter is
16.5 mm. Leather frog in mint condition and marked on the back F. Franek. D. Berkovice and  a lion symbol.
Trodle in mint condtion is marked with the K for Keiser Karl.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 165
S130 Belgium c 1841-1848
Belgium "baionette avec poigneé mobile de la carbine delvigne poncharrara".
The bayonet is   similar to the French Rampart bayonet m/1838.
The mussle ring has a diameter of 28.5 mm.
The left side of the blade is stamped with T  B  4   14  and a B   and D
The length of the blade is 514 mm and the total lenght is  589 mm.

There is a brass handle that can be fixed onto the socket and be used to make the bayonet a hand held unit.
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 1450
S137 Czechoslovakia m/1952 Guard Folding bayonet for the Czech self loading rifle m/1952.
This long cromed bayonet was used by the guard soldiers.
Blade length 332 mm. Mint condition.
Picture  Picture  
Mint  140
S138 Czechoslovakia m/1952  Standard folding bayonet for the Czech self loading rifle m/1952. 
It has an unusual folding mechanism. 
Blade length 270 mm. Mint condition
Picture  Picture  
Mint  75
S38 Hungary M1935 MINT condition Hungarian m/1935 for NCO. Sight on barrrel ring.
No scabbard.
Bayonet in mint condition. Troddel in VG condition.
Picture  Picture  Picture  
MINT 560
S150 Israel Galil Bayonet for the Israeli Galil assualt rifle.
Black plastic grip fully covering the handle. Underside of the crossguard is marked with US M7. No other markings on the bayonet or scabbard.
This piece originates from the Israeli govenment from the 1980´s.
Muzzle ring diameter is 23.0 mm. Unused condition.
Picture  Picture  
MINT 220
S132 Pakistan G3 The Bayonet has a black backelite grip.
The right side of the crossguard is marked with 743.
The right ricasso is stamped with POF  69 .
Black painted steel scabbard. Leather frog in mint condition.
Picture  Picture 
EXC 70
S142 Spain M1893 Early version made by Simson & Co   Suhl
Looks much like te German SG71/84
Wooden grip plates fixed by rivets.
Blade with the fuller going all the way to the tip. The left ricasso is stamped with Simson & Co   Suhl.
Steel mounted leather scabbard. Bayonet in VG++ condition and scabbard in VG.
Picture  Picture  
EXC 90
S168 Switzerland Unknown sword bayonet Reminds of Swiss sword bayonet m/1817.
Hilt and scabbard leather with upper mount in VG condition.
Lower scabbard mount has several dents.
The locking spring is missing. Blade in "poor" condition.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
G 525
S171 Switzerland M1817 Swiss sword bayonet m/1817.
A rare bayonet as it is one of the first adopted sword bayonets in Switzerland.
Brass hilt.   The left side of the hilt is marked with 74.
The locking spring is missing and there are a few stains on the blade.

Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 950
S15 Switzerland hunting bayonet
C.a 1850-1860.
The hilt of horn can be dismantled from the blade.
The bayonet then has the fixation system like on the Swiss bayonet 1851.
When the hilt is connected it can be used as a dagger.
Blade slightly pitted on both sides of the tip. The rest of the bayonet and hilt are in VG to excellent condition.
Serial number on bayonet and hilt "3". Extremely rare
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture Picture  Picture  Picture 
VG 2900
S30 Switzerland m/1878 Musician Bayonet used by Musicians. No press stud as it was not intended to be mounted on a rifle.
Black leather scabbard and frog.
Picture  Picture Picture  
VG++ 360
S41 Switzerland M1914 Sawback  bayonet with steel scabbard and frog.
Manufactured at Waffenfabrik Neuhausen

Picture  Picture  Picture  
VG 185
S90 Turkey M1890 For the Turkish Mauser rifle. Sicle and star on the back of the blade. Manufacturing stamp and
serial number in arabic.
Leather scabbard.
Picture  Picture 
VG 215
S8 Turkey Mauser m/1903 One bump in the front of the scabbard.
Picture  Picture 
VG 50
S46 USA M1905 For Springfield rifle. Wood grips. Blade stamped SA 1918 and US 909497  x12. Scabbard
marked USN MK1.
Picture  Picture 
EXC 250
S48 USA M1905 For Springfield rifle. Wood grips. Blade stamped SA 1918 and US 873210. Scabbard
marked with "flaming bomb".
Picture  Picture 
EXC 250
Navy training bayonet
For bayonet training in the navy.
Black plastic blade marked USN MK 1. On other side NSXO-29524.
Scabbard marked USN  MK 1.
Picture  Picture 
EXC 175
S123 USA M5 Bayonet model M5.
Underside of cross guard marked USM5A1 MIL PAR COL.
Bayonet in excellent condition and scabbard in VG condition.
Picture  Picture 
VG 45
S161 USA M5 Knife  bayonet, with scabbard.

Picture  Picture  
S135 Yugoslavia Czetnik Royal Guard This is a bayonet of a unique type based on the Kindjal dagger.
This bayonet was used by the Czetnik Royal Guards of the king of Yugoslavia.
The hilt plates are of wood. The mechanism is working.
The condition of both hilt and blade are good but it is heavily worn.
It is an extremely rare bayonet even in this condition. No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture 
Poor  650


Item # Model Description, Comments Condition Price
S80 Plug bayonet Plug bayonet most likely from the first half of the 19th century or earlier. It could be from the southern European area.
Hilt of horn with brass fittings. Cross guard of steel. On both sides of the blade there are brass plates rivited onto the blade.  A flower pattern can be seen on both sides of the blade.
The black leather scabbard has brass mounts.
The bayonet and the scabbard mounts are in close to excellent condition. The leather is a bit flaky on the front side.
A rare bayonet and expecially with a scabbard.
Picture  Picture Picture  Picture 
VG+ 550


Item # CountryDescription, Comments Condition Price
S88 BelgiumMiniature bayonet made by FN (Fabrique Nationale in Herstal).
The hilt is covered with wooden grip plates.
The FN sign in blue and gold is inserted on both sides.
 In the back of the hilt there is a spring loaded fixation system to fit a mini rifle.
No scabbard.
Picture  Picture  
EXC 180
S119Germany or AustriaPossibly Austrian or German miniature bayonet.
The hilt is of brass with wooden
grips fixed by brass rivets. Single edged blade with blood groove. Scabbard is cromed and
the frog stud is similar to Austrian scabbards.
Picture  Picture 

Other edged things

Country Item # Model
Description, Comments Condition Price
Germany S152 Spring knifeXXXXL Hand made spring knife in fully working condition. Made in the 1940´s as per information from
previous owners.
The blade is spring loaded and folds out like on a regular spring knife.
Giant Super size. Total length is 855 mm.  Blade length is 395 mm. Made in top quality.
The safety  catch is also working. The grips on the hilt are made of genuine horn.
Please note that there are restrictions in several countries about owing a spring knife so
please check with your local authorities. For comparison a German Dress dagger for the fire
department has been placed beside the spring knife. Top condition all over.
 Picture    Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  Picture  
EXC 2500