Fantasy bayonets: Fantasy #1

© Per Holmbäck

Fantasy bayonet; mix of Dansish M1915 and French M1874 Gras

m/1896, real and fake

Tl Bl MRD Factory Quantity
570 mm 445 mm 15 mm Made in China Unknown

This is a very exiting bayonet; an atractive design if it was for real, but it is a completly fantasy product.
Manufactured in China with the typically low quality.

No need to into details, it is a mix of the Dansih M1915 (see LINK) and the French M1874 for the Gras rifle.
The marking on the back of the blade is completely jibberish :-)

closeup of stamp #1  Closeup of hilt.
closeup of stamps, #2 Closeup of hilt.
Closeup of stamps, #3 Closeup of markings. 

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